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800L1-A2H-Y5-20ML2 Rotary Screen Wallpaper Gravure Printing

Main Features:

•Production speed of this production line can reach 50m/min and its registration accuracy up to±0.2mm;
•Pre-registration can be controlled within ±l0mm and accomplish stable registration within 20 seconds at the production speed of 10m/Min;
• Double-position automatic rotary discharge rack enables automatic reloading under high-speed printing state;
• Rotary screen adopts European-brand independent servo motor driving mechanism, reliable and stable;
•Coating slurry refilling is automatic controlled , which ensures continuity of production and uniform thickness of products;
• Cooling rollers are specially designed with unique structure to ensure the products efficient cooling and shaping;
• The whole line adopts closed-cycle tension control mechanism, hence  the accuracy of the overprint stays the same when accelerating or decelerating.
• The tension between each section of feeding and discharging, embossing, cooling and traction of stored materials  can be set by the operator  freely. 

•Advanced drying oven air duct is designed with secondary return air device: low noise, high drying efficiency, stable and uniform temperature, the  surface temperature error accuracy of printing, foaming paper is kept within ±1°C;
• Fully enclosed insulation oven, electric loading structure, the whole case with negative pressure design for energy saving;
• Adopts the world-leading Emerson control system: decentralized control, easy human-machine interactive operation.

Main Technical Parameters

 Width 530mm,700mm(max )
Colors 2-color gravure +5 color rotary screen (can be scattered with granules)
Plate diameter φ168-230mm
Color registration method Vertical: electric, horizontal: manual
Imprint pressure 800kg/ full width
Maximum diameter of the roll φ1200mm
Tension control accuracy ±0.5kg
Rotary screen registration accuracy ±0.2mm (automatic)
Gravure printing registration accuracy ±0.2mm (automatic)
Synchronized color registration accuracy ±0.3mm (automatic)
Max production speed 60m/Min (Depending on property of product)
Max machine speed · 80m/Min (frequency conversion  speed control)
Drying & heating method Conduction oil heating, burner heating (optional)
Host drive mode Mechanical shaft drive, electronic shaft drive (optional)